Boring post you probably don’t need to read it but have a nice day :D


Another busy day on deck. Another doctor app. for Sparky after that going by the Harris Teeter in search of clementines and Pocky. Hopefully I can work this afternoon. I could finish my art quilt if I would just work on it. One more doctor app. for him this week and one next week and then his surgery for gallbladder extraction. Sometimes you just can’t outrun life but yoga helps. I just finished practicing my morning vinyasa which started off pretty good but then the instructor got boring about 50 minutes in and put the class in a wide legged forward bend for ten minutes before I got fed up and did the plow pose and shoulderstand and namaste’d my way out of it. Footnote…this was not a yin class it was a vinyasa class. I understand the benefits of holding a posture longer but this was ridiculous, it was like she just didn’t care, there was no rhyme or reason for it, she just quit teaching the class.  It did have a lot of the usual asanas, the Warriors, the balancing poses, chair pose and a few twists and one wild thing.  I wouldn’t practice this one again but I don’t want to post the YouTube link because some may like it and I don’t want to be mean about how much I disliked it and it’s lack of flow for me anyway. I’ll make up for it this evening. Until then the day will fly and I need to accomplish something today so I’m gonna bounce have a beautiful day and meet me back here tomorrow but I’ll be late probably since we have to leave home at 7:15 for his appointment. He doesn’t like to go by himself so I ride along and draw in the car lol. I usually get a lot of drawing done…no phone or computer or coffee pot to distract me lol.

Peace Love Art!


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