Art Goals For This Week…and I’m cold…again!

This week in Art…I want to accomplish the following in no particular order…

  1. finish my latest art quilt
  2. paint and sew some pouches
  3. work on peace yoga flags
  4. starting painting the work on my easel
  5. work on a zine
  6. continue with drawing coloring posters
  7. list some stuff in my etsy shop

Seems doable right? Except for the fact we’ll be running a lot this week since today Sparky has to see his doctor about gallbladder removal and tomorrow he has to go to his kidney doctor and Wednesday he has a check up. He doesn’t like going by himself so I ride along and draw in the car…a coloring book or zine or I read. Usually I get a lot done since it’s at least an hour and most of the time 90 minutes.

I am so ready for yoga when we get back after all that sitting! I rarely sit. I stand when I paint, when I sew, when I quilt. I stand a lot! I sit to eat and I’m up and down when I draw posters at night while the tv is on. I don’t like sitting. I used to stand when I used the computer but now it’s down lower so I have to sit.

I’m sitting now and I’m cold…again! I just finished yoga, Atmananda, and I was fine while practicing but now I’m cooling down and it’s really chilly! Again! My coffee just got done so I’m gonna bounce to get a nice big cup and hopefully warm up. Have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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