A Hippie’s Words of Wisdom

  1. Play and play often…badminton, backgammon, mancala, a board game, hula hoop, dance around  the living room just do something that reminds you you are indeed alive and free and young! Age is just another number or hashtag!DSCN1831
  2. Laugh…cliche as though it is, do it anyway because when you laugh your body releases healing energies and endorphins and good things happen to the body and spirit and mind.
  3. Play your favorite songs! On repeat! Sing along! Stand on the coffee table and take center stage if you want to. (see #1) George Harrison
  4. Hug somebody and you’ll both feel good.
  5. Pet a furry friend. Did you know the frequency of a cat’s purr reduces blood pressure?

    Isn’t that cool? And did you know that when a dog sees his human the same endorphins are released that a person has when in love. Dogs have the best hearts don’t they?100_1713100_1653

  6. Make art…il_570xN.252833454good bad or in between. Just make it. Get messy. Have fun! (see #1) Use song lyrics, colors that go together, shapes, doodles, lists, glue crap down and color it, make it work. No judging, just loving the process…play your favorite music (see #3)
  7. Sit down to eat, don’t gobble or rush or eat on the run if you can help it. Make it an event. DSCN1862Eat off a cool plate something shabby chic or colorful with a fun pattern whatever you love and set up the scene…maybe a flower or placemat something that makes it special, instead of just a ham sandwich or if you are like me a jalapeno and spinach whole wheat wrap with sriracha sauce…YUM! eaten standing at the counter in the kitchen. Maybe with music playing (see #3)
  8. Cook to your music! It will become a meditative experience! (see #3)
  9. Do the chore you’ve been putting off the longest. I did this just yesterday and man, I have so much more peace today! Just do it, get it over with! Play your music while you do it and sing along! (see #3)
  10. Go outside and walk around. DSCN3452Spend at least 10 minutes everyday outdoors.  Literally stop and smell the honeysuckles or sunflowers. Watch a butterfly or bee in flight.

    Breathe in life, exhale stress. Raise your face to the sunshine close your eyes and welcome the warmth for a moment and thank the earth, Mama Nature for sustaining us. Let your bare feet touch the earth for a least a minute or two before slipping back into your shoes and routines.

Remember these are only suggestions (only a few…there will be more next Sunday) and remember Peace is there for you anytime, anywhere.

Have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow!

Much Peace Love Art 😀


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