Chakra Yoga, Batman + Catwoman=Love, and Final Jeopardy


Hey beautiful friend!! First off I’ve got to tell you about the yoga I practiced yesterday in the evening. It was a Chakra Balancing Flow and it was so much fun and it felt so great! If you practice yoga you should check it out and if you don’t practice yoga you should check it out! Here’s a link Chakra Yoga’s on YouTube. Let me know how you like it. I’m working on a new painting too and started drawing a new poster too.

I would have machine quilted the patches for my art quilt but Wayne watched tv all day long yesterday since it was still raining and I couldn’t sew because he wouldn’t have been able to hear but hopefully today it will clear off some and he can venture outdoors for a little while lol and I can use my machine or I could just move the sewing machine to the bedroom and sew back there when he’s in the living room. My studio is just off of the living room and I like that a lot but sometimes, ok, a lot of the time, I wish I had french doors I could close so I could listen to music while I paint or quilt. I love music way more than tv.

I like tv though. Never miss Batman reruns from back in the day. Love love love that show! And I know Batman and Catwoman (Julie Newmar) were in love with each other! I like reruns of the Incredible Hulk too. I like some new shows as well, I like Alone on the History channel and The Alaskan Bush People and Grimm and The Amazing Race (which just ended) and ooh, I love love love Naked and Afraid!! And of course, The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead and I intend to check out The Preacher when it airs. I like Jeopardy too. A few times I have actually gotten Final Jeopardy! Proud moments indeed! Lol. For real! I love house shows! I love houses! Fixer Upper is one of my favorites and House Hunters (International or otherwise lol) and Flea Market Flip! Y’all know I visit the flea market regularly. It’s fun! They have everything there! One man’s junk and all that 😀

Ok, my friend, I think I’m gonna bounce and use my sewing machine for a while since no one is watching tv!! Have a great day and try to meet me back here tomorrow! Mercury is almost out of retrograde! Yay! Hang in there! We’ve got this!

Much Peace Love Art!


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