free verse hippie poetry…Does This Seem Weird?


Another rainy day

to play

make art

fill your heart

feel your heart

with love and art

from the start

to the end

back again

to where we began

isn’t this where I came in?

Or perhaps departed

I forget now

how it all started

what came first

the art

or the word

the eyes that saw

or the ears that heard

the music of the rain

strumming down

drop by drop

upon petal by petal

just a moment to settle

put on the tea kettle

or coffee pot

I’ve got a lot

of art and heart

to fill and feel

the day


go or stay

be happy either way

today isn’t tomorrow

or yesterday.

Now is the best time of day

wouldn’t you say?

Does this seem weird?

It probably does

because it usually is

and that’s okay

it’s all fine

just a moment in time

which is fleeting anyway

and now it’s gone

swept away

under the rug

here’s a hug

to wrap up in.

See you later alligator

afterwhile crocodile

you can stay a while

but I need more coffee

so I’m signing offey? lol


Hope you dig today’s free verse hippie poetry because I had no idea where it was going or if it got there lol.

Meet me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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