Art, Nona’s House, A Dream and Cat’s in the Pool! (not in that order)


HOLY CATS!! One just fell in the swimming pool! A new cat showed up on our pool deck this morning (which is high up and fenced in). It was totally panicked as was Rainy who watched it happen from the back door, I was outside where Mama (the stray who had kittens under our house) is fed calling her, she was on the deck with the new stray who panicked and fell in the pool. Rainy yelled MOM!!! and I went running Zoey, Rainy’s chihuahua was barking like crazy and yet Wayne has slept through it all as did Sky and Piper but Bijou was on guard at the door and Molly probably would have been too but she’s still shut in the bedroom (she sleeps on my side of the bed on the floor). The cat is fine before I could get around the house it had already gotten out but we checked under the pool floats and stuff just in case. Holy cats! To top it all off…it’s raining! Lol! What a morning!

Have you seen my new drawings? DSCN3457love is all you need.jpegyou + me.jpegIt’s a series of three love themed posters 11 x 17. I think they would be fun to color at showers baby or wedding or engagement or anniversary parties or hey, it’s just fun to color right? Wayne thinks we need to go into the poster business with my art.

I dreamed last night or this morning I should say that I lived somewhere like NYC and had a studio/apartment in a brownstone that overlooked a typical city street. Through my windows…all three of them… I could see other buildings and a stop light and sidewalks. It was getting dark and it was raining. Sky was a little boy and Rainy was a friend who came over while I was rearranging my studio so I could work in front of the windows ( I was a graphic artist) and have the other room without windows but did have a fireplace, as the living room.

Why do they call it living room? I mean don’t you live in every room? Maybe it should be called the everything room or the hanging out room or just the room. My Nona and Granny had formal living rooms that were never ever used. Nona’s had her Duncan Pfeiff furniture  she inherited and was never sat on, good thing since it wasn’t comfy anyway.

Paw-Paw designed and built their house way out in the country on top of the hill and now it’s still loved by their son, my uncle, I think that it is cool that the house is still loved. I know I loved it…still love it. I think houses feel it when they are loved. I don’t think I loved the apartment in my dream and I would not want to live in the city at all. I’m a country hippie, I want to feel close to the earth, to Mama Nature, growing veggies and sunflowers and hugging trees but I don’t care for country music.

I love my music…Janis and George and John to name just a few in a long long long list. I love music man! I love rain and cats and coffee and breakfast which I need after yoga and a panicked run this morning in the rain. So I’m gonna bounce but have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art!


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