When Daydreams and Life Collide


When I was a kid growing up in the country I would spend practically every waking summer day outdoors. I would disappear into the woods venturing deeper and deeper until I no longer heard the home sounds of dishes clanking in the kitchen, the screen door slamming, the chickens roaming around clucking and carrying on as chickens do. The green canopy becoming so thick only streams of sunlight could be seen on the forest floor of pine needles and acorns and dirt. It didn’t bother me though. I liked it. It was exciting. I loved the woods and still do. For me they were a sanctuary. I would sit on a fallen log to take off my shoes to step barefooted into the cool stream. I would plant myself in a tree and daydream about living just like this. I think it’s funny now all the survival wilderness shows that have become mainstream. This summer my goal is to learn to start a fire with a bow drill. I really want to do it!! I think if I could have running water and sometimes wifi I’d be perfectly happy living out in the wilderness in a nice little cabin surrounded by peace and nature and a vegetable garden. Oh my gosh, if I lived  in the forest in a cabin…I’m going to daydream for a minute so if you’re busy and want to skip on out I’ll understand…I would….

practice yoga as the sun peeped ever so slightly over the trees then I would have coffee on the porch watching the wildlife on their morning chores..gathering nuts and whatnot. I would make some breakfast and eat slowly and deliberately after which I would go into my studio that  was all glass so I could see out and it would have a fireplace as would the living room and bedroom. I would paint and draw and listen to music as my cats napped in the window sills and birds sang outside on low limbs and deer grazed safely in my yard near the flower and vegetable gardens inside the picket fences. I would loose track of time and forget to eat lunch until my stomach began to growl  then I’d make a salad or some stir fry and stop making art long enough to eat then back to painting unless I needed a nap then out under the trees I would venture to nap in a hammock with mama nature rocking me like a little bitty baby in a cradle. Either way back to the studio is where I  would be maybe weaving or beading or quilting until evening yoga and shower and dinner and drawing.

You know, it occurs to me that that life isn’t much different from this one lol. Daydreams and life can collide and while they are similiar they are still different I mean there’s room for improvement in my routines you know? I want to be more free. I want to wonder and wander and be the gypsy I was born to be.  I want to create the art I was born to create. I want to reconnect with Mama Nature. I want to go to bed tired from a day of laughter and love and peace and art and music and a life well lived. So, I guess I’d better go get at this one, this wonderful life and have a great day as I hope we both do!! Meet me back here tomorrow okay? Much Peace Love Art 😀


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