Past Lives, Signs and Art


Do you believe in past lives? I do but I also believe there is life on other planets and that dreams can come true and yes, I do wish on dandelion petals and falling stars and you already know I look for signs.

Well, I don’t go looking per se but hopefully recognize them (signs) when they pop up like all the bird things that have recently popped up and continue to pop up!! I swear if the Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds comes on today then I will be convinced! Wayne, who is not a believer in past lives or much else that he can’t explain (and yes, this drives me nuts!) says it’s just a coincidence, but I disagree, strongly disagree, and will not let him be a wet blanket on my dream fort!

In the past life reading yesterday I was told that it time to get my message out to the world with paint and words! And that I was a Shaman! A Native American Shaman and that I was drawn to protecting the Earth and her animals and guess what! Crow Woman was the card drawn. Now, I didn’t stack the deck or anything because I didn’t even do the reading. It was on YouTube (completely free). Here’s the thing… I just made crows!! Crows!!

I wonder how many signs I get before I go oh, ok, this is a sign, I should make these birds lol. Well, I’m already making the birds. I have two more almost completed and another painting started and the book covers done and some posters drawn and a commission painting to do so I’m having a creative ball!! I need to work on my hippie free verse poetry quilt a little bit today. I haven’t had time for it lately. I will perhaps have more time if I wrap this up and go get more coffee and then make some art before breakfast.

Have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art Signs!


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