Monday…it’s gonna be busy…and it’s Sparky’s Birthday!


It’s cold again!! I don’t want to be cold in May!!

Do you believe in signs? I asked this question yesterday here signs because of the bird thing (you’ll understand if you read yesterday’s blog (up there is a link just in case)) and then we went to the flea market where I got to see two of my most favorite people in the whole world Tami and Alex! I delivered to her this painting DSCN3464.JPG and I think she loved it I know I did! It was so much fun to paint too!! So, here’s the thing…back to the signs and birds…the DJ on the radio was talking all about BIRDS!!  Then he played one clip after another of bird songs!! Ending with the Bird is the Word!! He even a seagull in his name! I ask you…is this a sign or what? I made another bird yesterday let me tell you.

I did work on the art for the book cover and today I want to do a second version of it but that will be a while from now. On deck this morning…yoga (practiced), laundry (in the dryer), breakfast, library, bank, post office, Walmart for Sparky’s fishing license since it’s his birthday today and it has become tradition that I gift him with a fishing license. I want to swing by the market and pick up a steak for his lunch too and some clementines for me. Then we have to pick up the Total Gym from my mom and he has an appointment today too! Whew! I bet this day flies by and there’s still another yoga practice in my day and dinner and hopefully art.

I need coffee!! Meet me back here tomorrow my friend ok? Much Peace Love Art Signs!


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