You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

We spent the entire evening on the front porch with an unexpected guest…a homing pigeon.

Here’s the story according to a slightly intoxicated neighbor who came over in his golf buggy with slightly intoxicated friends in tow and I’m so glad because it was fun man! Ok….Friday or maybe it was Thursday his cousin went to a baseball game and the pigeon landed on his head and it must have been Thursday since I think that’s when it stormed….no, wait, it was Friday because I wondered if the storms could affect yard sales on Sat., wait…wait…I think it was in fact Thursday…anyway the pigeon wouldn’t leave the man, Bobby, alone. So, Bobby did the only thing he could, he carried the carrier pigeon home with him and called a friend who has pigeons who proceeded to tell him the pigeon must have been blown off track from the storm and since they won’t fly at night to keep him and release him the next morning which he did but the pigeon decided he liked our neck of the woods better and stuck around sitting on our neighbor down the road with the golf buggy, sitting on his head! Lol! The pigeon was given pigeon seed and water and he’s healthy and big and beautiful none worse for the wear. The pigeon followed Sky and Rainy and Michael home when they went out walking last evening and just stuck around so I called the said neighbor to see if it was his bird since his wife was tagged in a Facebook post about the bird in case anyone was missing it. I has a tag with the numbers 254 on it. It of course wasn’t his bird but since they were grilling and drinking and having a good ol time anyway they rode up to our place to visit and see the pigeon which seemed to recognize Phil and to make this long story short when Phil and friends left he took the pigeon with him in the birdcage I keep a sunflower I grew a couple years back in, back to his cousin who was still manning the grill at his house down the road. Whew! I was supposed to be painting the art for the book cover I illustrated but when we came in everything was blowing around in my studio from the open windows..the winds had picked up so much and it was getting really chilly! So, I picked up my stuff and closed the windows and ate a jello cup and went to bed since it was late for me…10:30pm and yoga comes early by  5am! And Bijou and Molly were ready to crash too. Now, here’s the thing, I spent the whole day yesterday making birds! I did! DSCN3467.JPGLol! That’s a sign! I think, don’t you?

So, meet me back here tomorrow when who knows what will be hanging out on the front porch! I love country living!!

Much Peace Love Art and Birds!!

It looks just like a beautiful October morning out there today! Feels like it too! Piper is digging it I think 😀DSCN3470.JPG


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