Sleep Patterns, Art Projects and Life Plans


Good morning beautiful friend unless you are indeed reading this in the afternoon or evening and then it’s hey beautiful friend!! Hope you had a great day! Lately it seems like I get a big dose of second wind after 5pm that last until 10 pm when I am so ready to crash lol. But then I’m ready to be up at 4 am but try to stay put in bed until 5. It’s happening every morning. A couple summers ago though I hardly slept at all. Sometimes, most of the time, I worked all night in my studio painting with moonlight streaming in the open windows just me and the creatures of the night and it was in a word…magical. I didn’t get sleepy during the day either, don’t know what was going on but that’s over now I sleep really soundly from oh, 10:30 to 4 am and then just meditate and sometime doze off until I get up at 5 it’s my thing I think, getting up early although I wish I could stay awake later at night but that would throw off my natural sleep patterns and who needs that? My son, Sky, stays up late and sleeps in but lately he’s been up earlier and when I asked him about it he  stated very matter of factly…”well, you see, my body had a sufficient amount of rest and woke me up”, or something along those lines lol. He’s reminding me of a hippie Sheldon on the Big Bang. He’s totally a hippie…long hair, guitar strumming, peace seeking, mediator, out of the box thinking, scary smart, MacGyver like genius, if I do say so myself. Rainy isn’t so much a hippie but she is an animal advocate. She’s constantly trying to save animals from the shelters trying to find them homes before they get, well, you know. She has a big ol heart and I think she’s an empath and for that I am so sorry. I know it’s hard!! Everybody’s energies coming at you all time! Sometimes I feel like I need two or three showers a day after being around people lol. I’m hungry my friend and I have several fart projects on deck…here’s what I want to do…

  1. work on my new art quiltDSCN3427

2. work on my new mini peace flags I started last evening for TheBarefootHome etsy shop

3. work on the new painting I started yesterdayDSCN3451

4. begin the deck of cards

5. begin a new zine

6. draw a wedding poster for my etsy shop

Well, I guess I had better go get started. At least, after yoga this morning, I cleaned the bathroom and started the laundry I didn’t know I had and I dusted yesterday and vacuumed too so maybe I can accomplish some art today and formulate a game plan for where I go from here? Do I, dare I, should I…try a new licensing agent? Do I want to? I need to know where I’m going next or maybe I should just roll the dice and see where it lands…options, what are my options, perhaps I need to figure them out first…any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated? Anyone want to be my art agent? 😀

Y’all have a beautiful day, do something you like doing at least for a little while and try to meet me back here tomorrow! Much peace love art 😀

Ooh! I almost forgot!  I finished my big peace flag it’s 42″ x 25″ and can be seen in my shop here my hippie art if you want to check it out. DSCN3447.JPG


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