Art Quilts, Peace Flags, and Making A Living


I have in my possession a crystal ball but as of yet and probably from lack of trying, I have not had my future revealed to me. Would I want to know? Maybe not all of it but some of it, yes. Like what to do now that I’m just making my art again without deadlines or contracts or commissions. Just me and my art and my music and coffee and cats.  I know, it sounds like bliss right? And it is except for the nagging fact that I’m not getting any younger and need to think ahead a little bit.You know what I enjoy creating the most? My art on cloth like thisDSCN3424 one that is almost done now. I really love these big big big pieces, big peaces 😀   I love love love making art quilts like this DSCN3412and making patches for the quilts like these…DSCN3427.JPG I love my peace flags!DSCN3416DSCN3364  I get to make my art and sew and embellish and have fun. I’m starting to incorporate current events with journaling and poetry on these pieces too and I really dig that. So question is how do I turn this into a financially secure business? I hate combining the word art with business, but I need to think in measures of making money too. So, that’s what I’m manifesting and meditating on the most right now…positive energy is appreciated 😀  Meet me back here tomorrow PleasE!!! Much Peace Love Art~


2 Comments Add yours

  1. LaNae Semmelroth says:

    I LOVE The ART….Thank you for giving me something to look forward to by following…

    1. dawn says:

      Oh my gosh! Thanks so much for that!! I’m grinning from ear to ear. Big hippie hugs sister!!

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