Reflections and Hopes


Good morning and Happy Mama’s Day! I have begun mine by washing my family’s laundry lol. Look what Rainy gave me… DSCN3431I love love love it! I need to go see my mom this morning so I hope Wayne’s son brings back our Jeep this morning so I can do that. He’ll (Wayne…aka Sparky) be spending the afternoon with his mom so this morning is my only chance to see mine. My gypsy mom. My wish for her this Mother’s Day, for all Moms really, is to find Peace. She needs Peace. I’m not sure she has ever felt it. I think that’s why she keeps moving…in search of Peace. I use to think she moved so much to stay young. As if moving every 6, 7, 8, 9, months would elude Father Time but he has a way of finding you right? Sneaking up on you and when you least expect it like looking in the bathroom mirror one morning you see a face you don’t quite recognize. Where did those lines come from? The gray hairs? The reflection reflecting back at us an older version of ourself and if we’re lucky, a better, wiser version of ourself. I like to think and hopefully not pretend that I wear my lines, my little wrinkles, as badges of honor like a scar. The laugh lines are memories of times like little barefeet running down the hall to jump into mommy’s arms before a breakfast of pancakes and buttery syrup. Memories like first steps, tooth fairies, Santa visits, and living room pillow forts. Wrinkles, I think, are like lines on a roadmap, that show where we’ve been and been through. My kids are all grown up now. Well, Sky is a teenager and Rainy is all grown up. I’m so proud of them and the people they are becoming. I hope they will always always always have Peace in their lives. Owning each decision, each choice, making those steps into the future, like learning to walk again, this time out into the world, the great unknown. I hope they follow their dreams and never back down, living free. I wish that for us today and everyday! And I wish you’ll stop by to hang out with me again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art~


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