Manifesting A Big Bead Loom


I’m thinking of trying to go this whole day without my contacts or eyeglasses and I really hoping I don’t get in the car with another family at yard sales today lol. I’m manifesting a bead loom. A great big bead loom or at least a biggish bead loom. I used to work on a bead loom all the time. I loved it so so so much. I miss it. I would spend days graphing my image and writing up a pattern to follow and then the magic would begin. There’s just something about loom work. You have to touch it. Nobody could pass by my loom with running their fingers across the beads. I couldn’t either. That bead loom, the big one I had wasn’t that great and has long since been recycled. I need a new one. I tried to build one once but that didn’t work out so well. I’ve tried to get Sparky to build me one but so far no go.But today! Today is the day I will find a new one! New to me anyway. It’s almost time to go so…wonder if I should wear my glasses so I don’t miss out on the bead loom by not seeing it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll go without contacts or glasses. Yeah, that’s probably a better idea. I need to go the flea market soon. I miss Tami and I need some peppermints, the soft ones. I love those things! Those and butter rum lifesavers too. Ooh, and Dum Dums. Ok, my friend I’m gonna bounce…skipping coffee until I get home so I don’t have to pee while searching for the bead loom I’m manifesting.

Before I go funny story…last night Molly was playing dead, you know rolling over on her back legs int the air and Sparky jokingly said …’yeah, that’s just how girls reacted to me back in the days’ and I said…’yeah, they played dead” LOL I laughed until I cried!

Ok, so meet me back here tomorrow if you can!! Much Peace Love Art~


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