Her Favorite Time Of Day Was Night…free verse hippie poetry


Her favorite time of day was night

when she would go out walking in the moonlight

under starry skies and indigo hues

strolling along singing the blues

of love lost and dreams yet to be found

wishes on petals falling to the ground

she stepped lightly barely touching down

you wouldn’t notice her

she didn’t make a sound

but when she was gone you would know

she left love in her wake

that would grow and grow

with every breath,

with every beat

from the top of the head

to the bottoms of the feet

Seedlings of love, of peace

a place in which to retreat

sitting in lotus wide awake yet still asleep

just away from the world for a time

at least until the end of this rhyme

which is now

so I leave you

without a sound.

There it is friend, today’s free verse hippie poetry 😀 Hope you like it. I think I do.

Meet me back here tomorrow!!

Much Peace Love Art~

Her Favorite Time Of Day Was Night…painting


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