Artistic Voice Singing Loud and Proud…if slighty offkey


I think I’m finding my artistic voice again. I know I never have strayed too far from it but sometimes when you think more about what the public or an agent or gallery wants then it’s hard to make art for art’s sake, for your soul’s sake man. Art is like music, it’s expressive and representative of the times and cultures and what you stand for. I think we all know by now what I stand for right? And now I’m working purely by instinct. I’m listening to Janis and George and John and painting line by line, stroke by stroke, color by color on what I feel I should do. There’s fabric pieces being sewn on, there’s rubber stamping, there’s airbrushing, there’s poetry, there’s music lyrics, there’s hopes and dreams and good karma throughout the peace pieces and I do mean pieces. I’m on a creative roll. I’m working on a new art quilt that’s half way done, I just finished up April’s art quilt and I have some crochet projects happening and about to bead on my loom too. I’m drawing a new coloring book and adding to the Strange Little Moon DSCN2754coloring book. I want to start a zen zine too and since I’ll be sitting in the car for at least an hour while Wayne is seeing his doctor I just may work on my zine! I need to get the paper out for it and get it ready to go and breakfast too since we have to bounce soon. So beautiful friend, have a groovy day, listen to your favorite song, here’s one of mine 😀 Cry Baby…Janis Joplin and Instant Karma…John Lennon and just one more….Give me Love…George Harrison

Try to meet me back here tomorrow Please!!

Much Peace Love Art


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