About Being An Artist


The older I get the more I realize what it means to me to be an artist. I have always said that art is in my blood that I need it like air and coffee and yoga and it’s so true. I do. I love it. Art is at the heart of all I do. I try to make everything a scene…how I place the furniture  staging vignettes, you know, setting the stage for the little play we call LIFE. A throw pillow here, a salt rock candle there, incense burning, music playing, caps napping, a board game, laughter, homemade bread, peace love happiness. My food even has to be arranged. I want it to look as good as it taste. I want bright colors of healthy fruits and veggies on a cool plate with cute mugs or glasses to drink from. It’s important to me just like art.

If I woke up tomorrow with all the money I could ever need or want I would still make art everyday. I would still practice yoga everyday. I would still be me. Art is me. I am art…a constant work in progress. I feel sad and depressed without it. I can’t narrow it down either. I can’t say I just want to make art quilts because I really love peace flags. I can’t say I’ll only draw coloring books because I really love drawing posters too. I love mixing the mediums and watching a line become a drawing. I love not knowing it’s done until it’s done. I love the progression. I love the process. I love the outcome and all the time in between. I don’t love every piece I create but I love that I showed up to create it.

When I was younger I thought to be an artist you had to licensed or hanging in a gallery and while I have achieved both of those, but no longer in that world at the present moment, I see that’s not what makes an artist an artist. Making art is what makes an artist an artist. Would I like some fame and fortune? Of course! I would be so happy knowing that people loved me and my art and found inspiration and hope and peace in what means so much to me. Every piece of art I make big or small…peace flag to art quilt to coloring book to zine to aceo to whatever has a piece of my heart in it Piece of My Heart…Janis Joplin and I give it gladly I guess being the Pisces that I am lol.

I don’t want to reside in the hectic art world that you associate with NY or somewhere though. I want to make my art in the country where the windows are open, the food is organically grown in the backyard and vinyl still spins everyday. Call me a hippie, call me a weirdo, call me slack if you want to because I don’t dress up  and go to an office everyday. I live unconventionally I know and sometimes I pay the price when sales are slack but  it’s my life and I love it. I’m not the pride and joy of my family but I’m honest with myself and everyone else too. Take me or leave me. What you see is what you get, but in all sincerity, I hope you like me. One criticism always seems to take precedence over praise, have you found that to be true? Oh well, art is objective right? I’m going to keep making mine, I have to and now I have to go I’ve kept you long enough but I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art 🙂


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