Hello There May and A Rainy Day


Goodbye April, Hello there May!  April didn’t suck so I know May will be okay too! I finished all the patches for April’s art journal quilt and today I’ll finish sewing and quilting them. I could’ve finished yesterday but my bobbin ran out of thread and after I reloaded it or whatever you call it lol, I couldn’t get the thread to feed back through and I was starving so I just left it and made dinner and then worked on a coloring book I’m drawing but this morning I will feed it back through and finish up. I love love love it!

Yesterday’s treasure hunting at yard sales yielded a nice pair of boots (Uggs) for 2.00 and ten pillow cases for 2.00 so big score for me! DSCN3319

I have the windows open of course and it is raining, finally raining. We’ve needed it so badly for so long and it has been pouring. I know our garden is getting so happy happy happy! I bet we see everything sprout up now and the lettuces that were already sprouting will probably double in size. I love love love summer rain and I know it’s not summer but the garden is planted, the recycled swimming pool is up and running and for the first time this season has been enjoyed. Sky and his friend went swimming in it yesterday. I thought they were nuts because to me the water is so so so cold! But they said they got used to it and were in there for hours!

It’s a beautiful morning. The cats are sleeping, so is the family, the raining is falling, the only sounds I hear are the falling rains and the gentle whir of the ceiling fan in my studio. Life is good and coffee is too and I need some more right about now so I’m gonna bounce but you have a great day my friend and meet me back here tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art


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