A Country Morning with Mercury in Retrograde and Change In The Air


It’s one of those country mornings. A picturesque beautiful morning you would see in a movie set on the countryside in Italy or somewhere. It’s green and cool, the moaning dove is crying out, in the distance a dog is barking, birds are singing and all is well. The breeze isn’t stirring at all so the curtains rest in place behind which is a napping Piper. I love her. The sun isn’t out and the skies are so pale, pale blue with white streaking through reminding me of beach mornings and the rolling tides, I loved those mornings, I miss those mornings…sometimes anyway. I love the country too though. I wonder if there exists a place that is both country and seaside?

Do you feel it? The change in the air? Not really electrically charged or anything that extreme but an underlying current of changes yet to come but in the near (ish) future. I do, I feel it. I wonder if Doreen Virtue feels it too? A change has to come in order for things to have the opportunity to get any better right? Nothing should remain the same. Change is good. Sam Cooke A Change Is Gonna Come

I know Mercury is in retrograde until May 22 I think, but no need to panic just try to exercise your patience muscle lol. Be careful of misunderstandings and breathe…this too shall pass. I recommend yoga to keep life balanced. If you want to learn more about how Mercury in retrograde effects you here’s a link Mercury in Retrograde info ( I totally trust the Farmers Almanac)

Now, I’m going back to my music, it’s a good morning for Sam Cooke and coffee and reflecting and making art, I hope you can indulge yourself just like me. Enjoy the day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art~


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