New Ventures Ahead!

Open windows, a cool start to an upcoming hot day of sunshine and art and quilting and living and laughing and loving life.

I’m opening a new shop called…TheBarefootHome!! I’m so happy happy happy! I’m taking some things from my DawnCollinsArt shop and moving them over but I’m going to be filling it with all new things. Things that make a house a home. I want to focus on the simple living, eco friendly, yoga market, the laid back living market with  throw pillows, peace/prayer flags, coffee cozies, mug rugs, throw rugs, afghans, art quilts and art of course. And some boho flair too…headbands, wristbands, beaded guitar straps. I love to make maracas! I wonder if Sparky could make drums? I’ll ask him at breakfast in a little while. Stuff to read and color..zines and coloring books…!!! So EXCITED!!

Of course, I may add or delete from the list above as the shop gets up and running. I need to make a Facebook page for it. I only have three items in it right now but that’s a start and you know what I wonder if I should just take everything that’s not art on paper or canvas and add it to my new shop? I don’t think so though. I don’t want to loose my followers I have there by depleting my shop  so I’ll just continue to add to and watch it sprout and grow like my sunflowers and veggies.

My bread is almost done, I can smell it and it smells so so so good!! I’m gonna bounce to the kitchen for more coffee and the cutting board so I’ll be ready for hot bread fresh from the oven for breakfast, ooh maybe with some honey drizzled over it…tasty and healthy!

Meet me back here tomorrow my friend 😀

Much Peace Love Art!


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