Mandalas, Peace Flags, Coffee and Cats


Just finished power yoga, feeling great, second cup of coffee almost gone, fan stirring the breeze overhead, two cats chilling in the windows and laundry in progress while the bathroom is all done! Time…7:13 am. cropped-dscn3283.jpg

Yesterday we worked an hour away from home and it was a beautiful drive. Lots of rolling hills and split rail fences. Cows and goats and flower gardens. It was so awesome! I loved the drive. The work went well. Floor moulding, painting, gate, screened a door and hung it, more painting and more painting and more painting. I ate popcorn and drank green tea for lunch and Sparky had a pack of cheese crackers and Powerade to drink. We were starving when we got home but I still practiced yoga…Yin, I think I deserved yin lol. It didn’t suck but I wouldn’t want to do that everyday. I didn’t get to make any art at all. There was no down time for sketching even though I brought art supplies with me of course! I take something with me everywhere I go, I really do. Today, I’m jonesing to make peace flags and drink coffee. Do you know I only drank two pots of coffee yesterday? I’m running on a coffee deficit.

The flowers we bought from Lowe’s that were destined for the trash are doing well. I think they’re gonna make it!! Mandalas and peace flags…maybe mandala peace flags. Maybe I should concentrate solely on Mandalas and just be a mandala artist but mix up the mediums…use mixed media, paper mache, mosaics…hmmm…something to think about. What do you think? Holler at me and let me know okay?

Meet me back here tomorrow, I have to have more coffee like right now!! Lol 😀

Much Peace Love Art!

Here’s some of my mandalas….



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