Art Quilts, Searching For Signs and Branding


I’ve been reading about how branding is so important for an artist/designer and I think my style is pretty branded, right? Bohemian Hippie Crazy? Crazy Bohemian Hippie lol. Now I just need figure out what to do from here. I’ve felt in limbo ever since breaking from my art licensing agency. I haven’t contacted anyone new, kinda hoping they’ll find me (smiling sheepishly).

I’d like to make a vlog, I think they’re called. I’d like to share my life, my art…the cats, the studio, the messiness I get into everyday. I’d even like to share some cooking and playing too. Basically, my life, this messy, unorganized, fly by the seat of my pants, bohemian hippie artist kind of life that I am trying to take control of lol.

Last night I asked the Infinite Spirit for help in knowing my path to take next. In a dream I was holding a great big fortune cookie, that was like a Magic 8 ball, and I asked it if I could make a living from my art quilts and when I flipped it over it said something about the world, I knew it was an answer but I didn’t understand it, so I asked for clarity and repeated the question…could I make a living from my art quilts and flipped it over once again and it had one word…in all caps…YES. Now, I ask you, is this a sign? Do I take this as a sign?

The coloring book market is oversaturated, ringing wet! Soaking wet saturated!! I haven’t sold one in a while myself, hopefully  the ones published in stores and Amazon are doing well though. I just finished drawing another one last night and Sparky says I should stop drawing them now and move on to something new but I’ve been doing these for a years now and well, it’d be another thing I’d be losing and I feel lost already. Not trying to sound sorry for myself, oh no!, not at all! I am so happy to be an artist. I just feel a sense of urgency to get stable again you know?  I need to get back on my artsy ground. Send me positive vibes please my friend and I’ll radiate them back to you!!

Sky is leaving for the weekend this morning so I’m gonna bounce and get ready for that but meet me back here tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art 😀

Instinct whispered for me to check in with DSCN3173 before wrapping up this post and here’s the card for today…..


A lot of positive newness is coming up for you right now!

Two cards immediately surfaced for you today – this Soulmates card and also the New Love card from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards.

What an intensely powerful full moon we are experiencing right now. The energy is washing away any blocks you have to manifesting great love, a new home, a fulfilling career, abundance, health, etc.

If you feel ungrounded, spacy, sleepy, wired, or otherwise tops you-turvy, take it easy today. Spend time in gentle activities like naps, listening to relaxing music, meditating, praying, outdoors in nature, yoga, etc.

Trust that this energy’s intensity is bringing you blessings and healings.

Which brings us back to Love. Your heart is being healed and opened even more right now. You may feel extra-sensitive and emotional, or even tearful or sentimental.

If you start to think about an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, this is NOT a sign from the universe to contact that person. It’s a sign that you are healing and releasing from old hurt feelings from that relationship.

All of this processing, feeling, and healing is preparing you for Great Love – first with yourself and your Creator. Then you will experience Love with a romantic partner (either renewed love with a current partner or a new partner).

From the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards at

This reading is for the next 24 hours in all time zones. You can give yourself a free card reading at:


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