Purple Rain…an ode to Prince…free verse hippie poetry

I saw you standing there in the

Purple Rain Purple Rain

just listening to the

Doves Cry.

You Got The Look

that says

Let’s Go Crazy.

You grabbed my hand tossing my

Raspberry Beret

into air.

Laughing in the

Purple Rain

You said I was

The Most Beautiful Girl In The World

and I said I want your


in the

Purple Rain.

This must be

The Sign ‘O The Times


Doves Cry

out there are

Thieves In The Temple


Diamonds and Pearls

and we dance in the

Purple Rain.

I want you to

Take Me With You


Remember if we get separated

I’ll meet you on

Alphabet St.

in the

Purple Rain

in my

Little Red Corvette

we’ll get


and pretend it’s



while we


in the

Purple Rain.DSCN3034

Rock on Prince. Hope you dig today’s hippie free verse poetry and I hope you’ll stop back by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art 😀







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