Just Another Day…and that’s a groovy thing

I think I may be so attached to Ashtanga now I can’t go without it. I practiced the Intermediate series on the deck yesterday in the late afternoon the warmth of the sun was so great.  I was able to do Eka Pada Sirsasana with no problem. Yay! I know ego isn’t suppose to be attached to yoga but I’m fifty and doing this stuff! So I kinda think I have a right, you know? 😀 I didn’t practice Ashtanga this morning though…it’s the full moon and Ashtanga isn’t practiced on Moon Days or Saturdays but I did practice yoga with Ali Kamenova yoga video it flows pretty good. I liked it.

Yesterday I was able to get a lot done because at Rainy’s suggestion I had Sky make lunch. she reminded me how he loves to cook and she was right! He did really well. He prepared spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread for them and sauteed my veggies for my salad and did my veggie dog too! It was so so so good!! He did a tasty job. So much so that he may be taking on the job of lunchtime cook. He’s digging it I think. Today there’ll be meatball subs but on hot dog buns since I don’t have sub rolls.

We watched Dark Water in the afternoon while I painted and Rainy got really freaked out by it lol. She was paranoid all the way through her shower. I wish I had known that because she would so have been pranked!! Maybe today 🙂

I finished my Earth Day art peace piece and listed it in my etsy shop you can see it here Earth Day Art Flag if you want to. It’s cool if you don’t I’ll put it here on wordpress on my art page anyway…the blog I’m still building for my art like a portfolio…dawncollinsartsite, I think that’s what it is… I got another art quilt listed too. I didn’t work on the coloring book that’s almost done but maybe today, maybe not, who knows. I’ll see where the art goes today.

I’m looking forward to living this day. It’s really beautiful out. So green, a bit cloudy, birds are singing, Piper is chilling on the window seat, Bijou is having breakfast, Molly is wandering around the house, DSCN3365.JPGthe laundry is washing, Sparky is working today, Sky is having a friend over, Rainy is making jewelry, and I’ll be drinking coffee and making art and loving life. I hope your day is all you want it to be and I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow my friend!

Much Peace Love Art 😀


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