Ashtanga and…Art that means something, like Music does


Lately I’ve been practicing my Ashtanga in the late afternoon sunshine. I love practicing outdoors and the warmth really benefits my muscles. It feels so so so good! I have to admit though I’ve been practicing the primary series again. I am still gonna practice the Intermediate series but there’s just so many hand and headstands and not a lot of variety of other asanas. I love the bows and the twists but I can’t do handstands and unsupported headstands…forget about it especially on deck boards lol. I may take my favorite Intermediate poses and intermingle them with all the postures of the Primary series. Would that be cheating? I don’t want to cheat. I want to keep practicing Intermediate so I can get deeper and deeper into it but sometimes I just want my primary series. I think that’s why I love Atmanada so much. It has the best of both with a few less chaturangas, just a few though or so it seems, I haven’t counted or anything. lol.

I’ve almost finished another coloring book and can’t wait to get started on a new one! I’ve almost finished an art quilt that I painted a long time ago. I’ve got one more embellishment to add on and then it’s done!

I think I’m done with the Earth DayDSCN3364 art piece too, the painting part. I don’t think I’m gonna quilt it or turn it into a pillow. I think it just really NEEDS to be a peace flag. I want to add hangers to it and a tag and maybe one little embellishment I love love love it! It’s totally me, you know, what I do. I like that it has a message. That’s the direction I’m wanting to go with my art. I want it to mean something, like music does. I guess you could say I want my art to be like music. I love love love music. Music has a huge impact on me and my art and my mood. It’s so important. And so personal. It’s the soundtrack of our lives and I want my art to be like that. I want my art to be the visual soundtrack of peace and love and happiness. I want my art to be like a George Harrison song  George Harrison  I wish I could make a living from my art quilts.

Gotta make  bread today but the laundry is done, the bed is made, everything is dusted and  the bathroom is clean, and the living room is all rearranged! The chi feels great! We all love love love it! So yay!

Out of coffee in my cup and an empty coffee cup is a sad coffee cup. I’m gonna bounce. Meet me back here tomorrow ok?

Much peace love art 😀


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