Art, Peace, and Rearranging Furniture :D


Last night I drew a drawing that I love. DSCN3356.JPGToday I will paint it although I’m ready to move the furniture in the living room. I even have a plan.Oops, I said the word ‘plan’. I have instead an idea, a working theory of how to move the living room furniture. But Sparky is home so I’ll wait and instead, paint! And work on today’s April art quilt patch and hopefully a new coloring book but I really want to weave too. If I get away from the computer and to the easel I will probably accomplish more lol. So, my friend, I’m going to go and create! And make bread! Maybe draw outside in the warm sunlight. And maybe move the living room furniture if the jones gets too much lol. Meet me back here tomorrow!!! Big hugs! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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