Violins, Art Quilts, Finding Peace and Myself


When yard sales started back again this Spring, this cold cold cold! spring, I told Sparky that I was manifesting a violin. He thought I had lost my mind! But I really want to learn to play the violin. That wasn’t the thing that he thought was crazy, finding one, at a yard sale, would be the thing. But yesterday, he and Sky were doing the yard sale thing when low and behold he found, not one, but two! Now, I’m the proud owner of two violins. One is 4/4 and the other much smaller and I love love love them! I have already took my first online class! I take time for yoga twice a day, I cook three times a day, I do laundry and other chores, I run errands, and make my art, so I can certainly take time out, say 30 minutes a day, to learn to play the violin. If I need to give up something, then I’ll just quit doing laundry or cooking lol. πŸ˜€ Just kidding…maybe πŸ˜‰

Now I’m manifesting a cello, a ukulele, and a harp! Yoga mats since I can never have enough, as well as a sewing machine with lots of stitch choices and accessories so I can quilt quilt quilt! I love love love quilting!! I’m about to change them up a bit too. Bigger, crazier, more piecing but still hand-painting…so excited!

How appropriate too since I just finished recently a whole music themed art quilt that’s not for sale in my etsy shop…you can see it here but this is so not me plugging it or anything!!Β Art Quilt

Earth Day is this week. I think everyday should be Earth Day, Piper and Bijou would probably think everyday should be Cat Day, but really, it is around here. I think I’m running a halfway home for wayward kitties under the house, as we may have two kitties that are preggers. Not sure, but I think so. We’ll have to get them (the yet unborn kittens) when they’re old enough and find them homes. One of the cats come right to me and our closest neighbor likes her too, but the other one, which is beautiful, a ghost gray, won’t come anywhere near us…yet, if ever.

Oh my gosh, I digressed like crazy! What I was going to mention was that with Earth Day in mind, (my favorite day), I’m going to work on a piece of art today in honor of it. I finally am beginning to start to feel my artistic voice come back after breaking with the art agent I was with for so long. I’m embracing my hippie voice again and singing loud and proud if off key, who cares?! I’m feeling the love again, the hope again, the artistic vision that is mine again and for that I am so so so happy! My April art quilt is looking so cool! I’ll try to remember to snap a picture today and put it up on my wordpress art site. Did I mention I’ve started an art blog for when I or if I decide to go into licensing again. It’s dawncollinsartsite right here on wordpress. It’s still a work in progress.

Okay my friend, I’m gonna bounce but have a beautiful day! Try to stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art πŸ˜€DSCN3354.JPG

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