Yoga Art and Life as it should be


Good morning beautiful friend. This weekend is forecasted to be warm and sunny…perfect for gardening so I’d better check the Farmer’s Almanac to see if it’s a good time to plant. Hopefully the last of the frosts are over. It’s still really cold here in the mornings, last night I think it was like 39. Sparky is chomping at the bit because he’s seen others planting and wants to dive right in but I’m a stickler, this year anyway, for the Farmer’s Almanac wisdom.

Just finished practicing Atmananda yoga and as always I loved it. Now I’m listening to a lecture on yoga by Mark Whitwell. I like him a lot. I wish I could surround myself with yogis and artist and dancers and gardeners and keepers of peace, the peace seekers, the dreamers, the lovers of life and possibilities. I want to be around those who dance the dance of life, of love, of art, of beauty. Dancing free with bells on on ankle bracelets and rings on toes, hair wild, footloose and fancy free and happy happy happy!

I want days in the sunshine, nights in the starshine loving life every minute in between. I want to breathe in LIFE. I want life force to radiate from me and inspire others helping them to dream dreams that come true because they believe BELIEVE. I want all animals to be kept safe and children to grow up without fear. I want the old to be honored for all they have lived through and share their stories and their wise words of experience. I want the world to live as one and care for and about each other.

I want my art to mean something. I want to help heal the hurting planet with art. I want us all to have peace love and happiness. I want the mean to be nice, the lonely to have love, the hopeless to have hope, the restless to have peace, the hungry to have food, the thirsty to have water. I want us all to have yoga! I want I want to have a great day and I want you to have a great day too and I want you to stop back by again tomorrow.

Much Peace Love Art~DSCN3263


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