Ashtanga Yoga, Art Quilt in Progress, Feng Shui


It’s cold…again. But yesterday  turned nice and warm so I did practice yoga on the deck and loved loved loved it! The warmth of the sun is so wonderful on my muscles! Yoga loosens and stretches and is so flowy and then with the warm sunshine oh my gosh! so great! I highly recommend yoga in the sunshine! Plus when doing supine postures you get to see the big beautiful blue sky and puffy white clouds and that is awesome!

The Intermediate series is getting a little easier now but I still can’t do many of the postures but that’s normal and it’s all about the process, the journey and I’m good with that.

I am so jonesing for my coffee this morning. And food too! Lol.

Looks like it’s going to be a sunny day! An artsy day! If only I liked how my studio was arranged because I don’t. I did, but I don’t now since I had to do a little rearranging over the past weekend and now it’s just off. Has been I suppose since my etsy sales have fallen off. My feng shui is off and today I really need to get this fixed and make some art.

I’ve been working on my April art quiltDSCN3333 and I’m loving it! My hippie son even got into the action machine quilting a patch for it! Did I mention that my fabric store, Hancock Fab. is closing down? I hate that. I loved their remnant bin. I wonder if Hobby Lobby has one?

Ok, I’m gonna bounce. Need more coffee!! Have a great day and try to meet me back here tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art 😀


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