Peace Art and Yoga


Good morning beautiful friend. Hope the day is finding you healthy and happy. I feel pretty good. Still finding my footing but I know it’ll come to me. I have been making art. Working on my April art journal quilt. I think today I’ll start a new bag or some quilted nesting boxes. I feel pretty happy that my chores are done except for meals. I’ve cleaned the bathroom and carried out the garbage and my laundry is almost done so today can be an art day! I may go to the fabric store since they are closing down (darn it!) and everything is on sale.

I practiced Anaswara yoga Anaswara Yoga this morning and this afternoon when it’s warm out I’ll practice Intermediate Ashtanga on the deck!! So excited! I love love love Anaswara. It works the whole body with special interest on the core and I feel so good afterward. All stretched out and limber and really great. DSCN3330

Okay, my friend, I’m gonna bounce and make some breakfast ’cause I am starving!! Have a great day and try to meet me back here tomorrow. Much peace love art 😀

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