Tuesday…Hatha Yoga and Art on a Rainy Day


I worked some more on my art blog yesterday and started building one just for my coloring books. I think it’s a good thing. Click right there my art site if you want to check it out but remember it’s still a work in progress.

Oh my gosh, I just finished yoga, 90 minutes, of hatha yoga flow because I needed some long deep stretching more than power this morning. My arms were so tight from so many lifts and now I feel so good! I may practice Ashtanga this evening or Anusara or Atmanada. Some kind of power yoga probably. And Anusara isn’t power yoga really but it feels so very good! I’ll figure that out this evening, one is thing is probably for certain though and that is yoga will be practiced indoors since today is calling for rain.

I love making art on a rainy day. Incense burning, coffee at hand, music playing, art supplies laid out everywhere getting messy and fun and free!

As for now though, I’m so hungry and Sparky is awake and Rainy too, so I’m going to get some food cooking! Bacon, eggs, bagels, cereal, fruits, homemade bread toast for me 😀 More and more and more coffee!!!

Try to meet me back here tomorrow my friend! Much Peace Love Art~

Here’s a link for a lot of hatha flow yoga…lots to choose from.  Hatha Flow YogaDSCN3221

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