Cleaning Up and Out and Making Room For Changes

For two days I’ve been cleaning up and out! My bedroom and studio got it yesterday and I’m not really sure the studio is finished yet. But everything is dust free!! I didn’t move the furniture in the bedroom but I did rearrange some of the stuff. I cleaned out my jewelry and put it in a pretty bowl and found a pretty little dish for my rings and moved my vintage sewing machine from the desk in the bedroom to my studio which is what prompted my studio organization project. Which may or may not be done yet like I said.

I’m wondering about seeking out new licensing rep. since my relationship with Porterfield’s has now ended. It was time I think. We just didn’t fit right. I’m too hippie I think…as if there could be such a thing lol, I think everyone needs a little hippie in their life and well, here I am, with coffee and art and big hippie hugs!

Anyway I’m reevaluating what I like to do.  I love love love painting mixed media on cloth and painting and quilting my crazy art quilts DSCN3167and pillows DSCN2967andDSCN0209 hippie peace flags. I love my

hippie bags! I love love love drawing coloring books DSCN3239and working with Kiva and Kathy on her Way of the Bear  2book. I love making art and I want my art to mean something. DSCN3028I want it to stand for something. I want to make some art right now so my friend I’m gonna bounce. Send me some clarity vibes if you don’t mind. ‘Cause right now, everything just feels a little weird you know? But there has to be a reason I’m getting my studio ready for something. When it’s time, then, I’ll know. No worries.

Meet me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀


4 Comments Add yours

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Dawn is a cleaning machine these days 🙂 I love your art.. it is so positive. 🙂

  2. dawn says:

    Yay! Then it is indeed standing for something! I’m so glad!! Thanks for letting me know 😀

  3. Victoria Haner says:

    What type of paint and cloth do you use to paint on cloth? I’ve recently started painting for fun, and Canvas is so expensive, plus very hard to find here in Paamul, Mexico! Would you mind letting me in on how?

    1. dawn says:

      Hey Victoria, I’m a green hippie so I recycle reuse and repurpose as much as I can so I reclaim cloth of all kinds cutting it and painting it with everything from dyes to food coloring to oil pastels to acrylics and inks. I throw it all on there. The messier the better. Life’s a beautiful mess after-all, right? Just be free, make your art your way with whatever you can find. Oh my gosh, sometimes its fun just to make art with found objects like stones and scraps of paper and flower petals. I do that I just walk around inside and out and gather stuff that speaks to me and turn it into something. Its fun. Just don’t think about it so much follow your intuition. Holler if you need me. Show me your art too!! Big hugs 😀

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