Friday Night In A Rural Place


Last night we went to a little auction in our rural community and oh my gosh, it was a trip! Everyone seemed to know each other and since we’ve never been we must have stuck out like a tie dye sheep! People starred at us like we were aliens but I think we were accepted by the middle of it.  There was a young guy who passed out the items auctioned off who came in wearing a long coat and big panama hat while most everyone else was in denim. He stood out too but that was cool. Most of the folks were seniors, playful seniors with witty comments and great attitudes. More than once when an item sold the auctioneer, Murph, just lobbed it across the room! One old guy was buying lots of stuff and someone asked him if he just got paid and in all seriousness he replied with a simple YES. One guy accused another guy’s wife of burning her food and she got really mad and yelled at him! Murph announced at the beginning that they were going to start in the field but all the women had to stay inside, lol, and a woman accused him of auctioning off nudity pictures!!! OMG!! Lol!! DSCN3319Bamboo sheets came up for sale and someone asked another guy if his wife used them and he said I don’t know, I sleep on the couch!!  I laughed so much! I love this community, don’t want to stay here forever…need a more tropical hippie laid back kind of vibe I think, but I do love this community. I’m looking forward to going back. Have you ever slept on bamboo sheets? They sold brand new there for 20.00 king or queen.

I’m so cold. I want to put my plants in the ground but it keeps freezing! Where are you Spring? It was more Springlike in December than April. Mother Nature must be having menopause and turning on the air!

I’m gonna bounce because I need more hot coffee to warm up my hands and I am starving having just practiced yoga for 75 minutes, but you have a beautiful day and if you see a cheap beach house on an island for me holler! I just need a hammock, a place to make art and practice yoga and great windows for my kitties!! 😀 Much Peace Love Art


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