I’m a Peace Fish


Hello beautiful friend! We’re watching Catfish and oh my gosh! Why don’t people search the internet more? I mean really, I would. You never know, you know? But then again there’s probably a little Catfish everywhere on FB. I am not a Catfish though. I’m like a peace fish. Hippie Puffer Fish by Dawn CollinsI am exactly what I seem to be…a simple hippie artist living a simple little life in the country with cats and dogs and a garden and sunflowers (if it warms up enough for them this year lol). I practice yoga twice a day and cook everyday and make my own bread and quilt and weave and listen to good music on vinyl while spinning my hula hoop.  Although, I am about to draw a Catfish Coloring Book. I’m pretty excited about it. I’ve got to start a WordPress site just for my coloring book and coloring posters. I need to do that soon, today?

I’ve gotta bounce because Sparky  has to go take his mom to a doctor’s app. and needs breakfast before he leaves…so, have a beautiful day beautiful friend and try to meet me back here tomorrow! Much peace love art 😀


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