Monday…Ashtanga, Art Projects, and Life


Good Monday morning friend! It’s looking like a beautiful day. A day of sunshine and art and coffee and peace. Hopefully, this day, I will be able to finish up all the illustrations for the book!! Yay! I  have a custom painting to do now and I really need to get going on it. I miss painting. I miss the messy creative flow of one color blending into the next. I miss my airbrush and oil pastels and acrylics. I miss my watercolors and inks and crayons. I miss my sewing machine, that gentle whir, I love that sound. I miss my fabrics and trims and embellishments. I miss working on my big posters. I miss my mandalas. I miss my painting table. I miss that creative warmth I slip into when I’m painting, that time slip, that zen place.

I love drawing too though. Now, I’m drawing at my table easel so I can move around a bit and I like that. I feel less confined you know? I know from experience when this project is done it’ll be an adjustment for me to ease back into painting from drawing all the time. It always is. When I spend so much time working on just one thing it’s hard to do something else. I should spend a few minutes getting a new painting prepped so when it’s time I can just start painting. Maybe I could draw up  a charm pack that I could turn into a hippie bag. OMG! I just remembered! There’s a project I wanted to begin on April 1st and it’s now the 4th, that’s not too late! I’ll begin today! I’ll draw but I’ll begin this project and that’s how I can ease back into painting when this project is done! Yay!

So, now I really know what I want to do but first is breakfast and I am starving. This morning I practiced Anusara and then Power yoga. I still love Ashtanga but I felt in a rut and think maybe I should begin the Intermediate series and since practicing outside in the warm sunshine in the late afternoon totally loosens up my muscles for deeper poses I’ll probably begin it out there. I’m not expecting too much too soon though. I won’t say mean things to myself when I can’t get into a pose or hold one for a whole five breaths without tipping over, I’ll just go with it, remembering when I began Atmananda I couldn’t do firefly or side crow or even a great split and now I can so I know I’ll get there with repetition.

Ok, so on deck for me is food, drawing, April’s project, Ashtanga Intermediate series and random little life events like family and laughter and furry friends. Have a beautiful day and try to stop by again tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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