We went to the Webb Rd. flea market this morning and my friend Tami (in Building A) hooked my up with the best smelling incense of all time! I’m burning Aqua Di Gio right now, drinking coffee and feeling happy.

On the way home we pass a wonderful house. It’s a country farm house with green pastures and split rail fences and a old truck parked next to the house. Today the truck was gone. Sparky said they may have sold it but I reject that theory. Here’s the way I see it….Today they decided to take the old truck out for a ride and since lunchtime rolled around they went out to eat. In a little family owned diner they had rice with gravy, biscuits, and fried chicken and sweet tea to drink, after which they had peace pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert and coffee. Then they drove home as he held her hand in between changing gears. Back at home, the great country farm house, their big old dog meet them at the door tail wagging and reaping the rewards of a leftover biscuit. He took a nap in his easy chair and she sat near the window in the warm sunshine and knitted. After he woke up they decided to take a little walk about their property. She slipped on a sweater and he put on a jacket and cap and holding hands they went out to walk in the last of the afternoon sunshine, taking in all the beauty of their lives, their memories so real. They reminisced and laughed and dreamed as they walked along the fence toward the woods past the tire swing still hanging from the sturdy oak tree branch, their dog lumbering along with them happy as could be. They walked for about half an hour and when they got back home he put on a fire in the hearth since the night was going to be so chilly and she got a little dinner together….toasted pimento cheese sandwiches with tomato soup and pound cake with coffee which they savored in front of the tv before turning in for the night.

I don’t know why these people mean so much to me but they do and they don’t even know it and I think that makes it even more special 😀

Ok, my friend, again no reason to set goals for next week since I’m still finishing up illustrations! I went to order mailing tubes but I’ve since forgotten my plan for them so I didn’t order them. I’ll wait until the inspiration for them hits me again.

All out of coffee in my cup Coffee Pop Art #3so I’m gonna bounce but meet me back here tomorrow ok? Much Peace Love Art 😀


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