Rain On A Tin Roof…free verse hippie poetry

Rain on a tin roof…

feeling peace without any proof

of change or rearrange



Just rain on a tin roof…

windows open

breeze  from the leaves

on the treees

wafting through the eaves with ease

puts me at



rain on a tin roof…

art on the easel

paints there too

inks will do but I only have a few

it’s all good


as it should


while there’s

rain on a tin roof

and coffee in the pot

and cats napping a lot

in the open windows

it just goes

to show

life is best when it’s simple



rain on a tin roof.


Today’s free verse hippie poetry inspired by the rain falling outside my open windows that the cats are chillin’ in as I drink coffee and dream. I hope you have a beautiful green day. I say green because the earth is so green! It looks alive and fresh and happy and renewed by this rain. It makes me want to go outside and dance barefooted Once Upon a Time Girl…Dancing Barefootedin the wet grass as it falls like little diamonds all around me and I release and laugh and feel alive! But I probably won’t because it’d probably be really cold but let it get warmer and I will! 😀 Meet me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀



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