The Call Of The Sea and Sand

DSCN0210I’ve got a vision stuck in my head, my mind, my soul! I can’t shake it! I go to bed with it, I awake with it and I carry it with me throughout the whole day…while I’m drawing, cooking, practicing yoga, doing chores….all the time man! It’s always with me. It’s so totally out of the norm for me since I’m a more of a mountains kind of chick but everywhere I look I see the sea, the sand, the openness. I see the surfboard leaning against the little beach cottage with the bucket of shells on the dusting with sand steps that blows in through open doorways because the doorways are always open for the seabreeze. I see the palm trees and fruit trees and bamboo swaying in the wind. I see tanned skin, sunglasses, and yoga mats spread out under a pergola. I hear the sea birds and the waves rolling onto the beach. I hear laughter and chimes and reggae in the distance. I can just taste the fresh fruit plucked right off the tree in the yard still warm and oh so juicy. I can taste the salt in the air and the cold coffee topped with whip cream. I can smell the tropical flowers in amazing colors that look like pastels come to life! I can smell the veggies on the grill and approaching rain that fall gently on the tin roof just long enough to freshen things up before the evening sets in and the bonfire lights the night as the music plays and laughter rings out, can’t you just smell the crackling wood? I can. I can feel the peace, the tranquility, the excitement, the wonder of living in paradise where yoga is practiced, music mingles with bamboo wind chimes, skin is sun kissed, bonfires are watched instead of tv, art is everywhere, you are greeted by happy hellos and nods and see you later my friend! I can feel the warm sea breeze and sun against my face and the sand under my bare feet and love that is everywhere.

Maybe it’s my gypsy  soul, but I’m not usually drawn to the sea, so why is this happening? And why does it feel so real? Why do I long for something so much? I’m a mountains person, a country land and garden person but everything in me is screaming NOOOO!!! THIS IS WHAT I WANT!! Will is pass? Do I want it to? I don’t know. We’ll have to wait to see how this plays out because this is just one chapter of a continuing story on my way to happily ever after and ever after is going to be a really really really long time so it needs to be really really really good!

So, have a beautiful day my friend and if you are near the tropics check out the real estate for me, I’d rather have a shack on the beach than a fancy condo lol. Meet me back here tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art 😀



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wanda says:

    Sounds like where Les and I lived in southern California, before moving to Tennessee! I do miss it… MORE SOME DAYS THAN OTHERS!! The difference is that a “shack” on the beach there would cost you about $2500-3000 a month rent! Let me check a few islands. 😉

  2. dawn says:

    That’s what I want, a little tiny island. A place to live in peace, make art, practice yoga, eat fresh fruits and dream by the sea 😀

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