Be Like The Cat

I think my cats are probably smarter than I am. They know how to live well. They eat when they’re hungry, the sleep when they’re sleepy even if that mean a cat nap here and there. They stop to just be…still…in the moment…observing life around them without trying to participate…just watching peacefully especially out the windows in the afternoon sun…the warmth, the breeze, the ease no doubt finding zen there. The cats ask for love and attention when they need or want it. They play when the mood strikes, they practice yoga, they are graceful and balanced and wise. They know everything and tell nothing. I love them. Cats are wise and cats know how to live! I think I’ll try to be more like my cats! I need more coffee just like Piper if I would let her! So, I’m gonna bounce but have a good day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow 😀 Much Peace Love Art!


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