A Tropical State Of Mind…free of drones

I practiced yoga outside again yesterday. Ashtanga. The warm spring sunshine on my muscles felt so great. I moved in and out of postures so fluidly. Like a stream, a current of energy, a petal on the wind. A hawk even circled and sang out as I practiced! It was magic! Except for the drone that appeared! That’s right. I heard a buzzing and coming up from down dog into Warrior II I saw a drone hovering! OMG! It felt like an invasion of privacy, but I just ignored it and kept on practicing my Ashtanga which like I said was warm and magical.  A drastic contrast to my yoga practice this morning which I was cold going upon beginning and barely warmed up even though it was a great power yoga for vitality with Travis Eliot Vitality Power Yoga

I got out of bed last night to go bring my sage plant in and I’m glad I did! It’s so cold this morning! I had to finally turn on the heat. It’s starting to warm up now thank goodness. It’s only going to be in sixties today. I think Mother Nature is definitely having mood swings!

I’m tired of feeling cold. I want the warmth. I welcome it! I see the pool water out there so blue and sparkling and inviting and yet so so so COLD! I’m thinking now I’d rather live somewhere more….dare I say it…tropical? Belize is looking better and better. I think I’d love to live in a place where the home was open from one end to the other so the sea breeze could blow through. Apparently my art instincts knew it before I did! Look at that picture! Breezy Day2 I think I ‘d love to live in a place where not only could I grow fresh veggies and herbs but also a glorious variety of fruits…passionfruit, mango, pineapples! To watch the settle down behind gentle waves, finding treasures in the sand, practicing  yoga by the sea, going barefooted all the time! Wind blown messy hair, gypsy skirts, tanned skin, bicycles, wind chines, hammocks, peace love happiness sunshine and tropical rain perfect for dancing in! Mmm..I’m going to go with that image and feeling in my heart and soul, I hope you’ll meet me back here tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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