Raising A Hippie and Letting One Grow and Go

I want so much to be near a whale! How magical that would be. Sorry, I just saw whales on tv. Now I’m watching monkeys stop a cat fight! I hate it when Piper and Bijoux fight as they still do from time to time but this is not that time thank goodness!

Hope you have a wonderful Easter. I’m going to be drawing and Sparky is going to his mom’s for lunch so it’ll just be me and Sky. I’m on a great creative roll with the illustrations for Kathy’s book but my studio is a mess!! A catastrophy! I may at some point do something about it lol.

Again, not much use to make a goals list since I’m focused on the illustrations but I really really really need to order mailing supplies!! They could be in transit while I draw.

Elephants are great parents! I love animals!

Did I tell you about Sky’s egg dying technique? He colors his eggs very organically. He connects to the egg and the colors using a sense of…are you ready for this?…smell. He smells colors. Yes, yes I am raising a boho hippie son. Long hair, guitar playing, barefoot hippie son. I’m so proud 😀

This will probably be the last year Rainy will be living here at Easter to dye eggs. I can’t believe it but she’s an adult. When did this happen I ask you? My bouncy, book loving little girl is a grown up. A beautiful, animal loving, funny, cynical, sarcastic, grown up. Next year she’ll be in her own home making her own traditions but I have a swimming pool so I know she’ll be here often! Yay! I’m willing to let her grow up but I will use briberyDSCN3299 to get her back home often!  😀

Okay my friend, have a beautiful day…it’s raining here, I love love love rainy days!! Time to get to work for me, but try to meet me back here tomorrow! Much peace love art!


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