Be Like The Cat…Free Verse Hippie Poetry

Year Of The Cat…Al Stewart

Open windows

bird song

feeling peace

nothing’s wrong

cat’s in the window sillDSCN3283

movements nil

just time to chill

to be this still

takes a lot of patience…

a zen master

my cat is.

One of them anyway

the other is usually in a tizz!

The day has just begun

I feel like I’ve already won

the peace

the release

the positive energy

frees me

and I rest in motion

a boat drifting on the ocean

letting the day carry me

like the current

where I need to be

the sky looks like the sea.

Paint cloth paper ink

the day will be gone in a wink

and the cat will slink

back to the open window

to watch the day depart

as she did at the start…

I am going to be like the cat

and learn a lesson from that.


Today’s free verse hippie poetry off the top of my head and totally inspired by the cat! Have a great Friday my friend and stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀



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