Spring Is In The Air and soon in the ground!


DSCN3058I’m getting so excited y’all! It’s almost time to plant! Time for warm rich soil and seeds and watering cans and sprouts and seedlings and fresh veggies!!! This year I want a whole field of sunflowers! I want to run barefooted in and out of the tall strong stalks with sunny heads reaching for the heavens! I want to come inside at the end of the day with dirty fingernails and toes and a sense of awe and gratitude and hope for what’s about to spring upward and onto our table. Our table!! I want to eat outside as much as possible. Under a canopy of green and wisteria and dreams with twinkle lights here and there like little disco balls for fairies and fireflies. Warm evenings that smell like lavender and coconut and love. Warm evenings…barefooted on the porch, acoustic guitar near by for impromptu strumming, life just slipping by peacefully because it’s been a day and a life well lived and tomorrow is another one. Can’t you just feel it? The way the breeze billows the curtains that dress the windows the cats lay in. The soft cotton sheets so cool at the end of a hot day. The lightweight clothes extra soft from years of wear. Can’t you just taste it? The vanilla ice cream soft and creamy and so very tasty in cup or cone. The grilled veggies… the zucchini and eggplant and corn on the cob with salty melting butter dripping down your chin. I’m so excited!! And now I’m hungry! Would corn on the cob be so wrong for breakfast? Lol. Have a beautiful and tasty day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow!! Free verse hippie poetry day is tomorrow. Much Peace Love Art 😀

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