compost barrel, spring cleaning continues and a lunar eclipse!


I forgot all about the fact that the deep freeze would need to be cleaned out and defrosted in order to get it out of the pantry soooo, that means I may start the pantry redo job this morning after breakfast. I can clean off the shelves and the floor…the stuff that has just gotten stuck in there for lack of another place and now it’s time to just throw…it…out. I could get it all cleaned up and out and fill the compost barrel with expired food and that would be good for the garden. I’ll need to run to the dollar store for trash bags and disinfectant wipes and rubber gloves…to protect my hands from the cold of the freezer, that would work right? My skin is so dry that when my hands get cold they crack! Ouch! OMG! The lunar eclipse is in four minutes! Gotta bounce! Have a beautiful day my friend 😀 Much Peace Love ArtDreams and Sunbeams coloring poster


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