Simple Living


Confession…I have a strong addiction, no, not to coffee, that’s not an addiction that’s a necessity šŸ˜€ My addiction is to Fixer Upper. I love love love that show! I love Joanna Gaines and her decorating style and the way she and Chip, her husband and probably her lobster (soul mate), get along remind me so much of me and Sparky. He’s so funny and they just vibe you know? They seem real, not like posers like a lot of tv personalities. I didn’t know until last night she had a store! Here’s a link…Joanna Gaines Magnolia Home

I also love love love House Hunters International. I love House Hunters but International really intrigues me. I would love to be able to move somewhere and live there absorb the culture, walk cobblestone streets, shop outdoor markets, listen to old villagers share their memories their stories. I would love to walk or bicycle (a three wheel bike…an adult trike?) with a basket and bell into the village where I would buy fresh produce and flowers and maybe even a bottle of wine and ride back to a home with a picket fence, fireplace in every room and birdhouses in theĀ herb garden and kitchen with a big island where I would make eggplant parmesan with fresh homemade garlic bread that we wouldĀ eat outside on a old wooden table and mismatched chairs set with pretty white plates and cloth napkins and the flowers I had bought in the village in a jar as the centerpiece. We would be surrounded by olive trees and grapevines and wind chimes and magic. I would probably stick to country living no matter where I wandered. IĀ justĀ justĀ justĀ DSCN3177love country living. I love the land and trees, the hills, the grass, the wildlife, the peace found there. I love gardens and going barefooted with no neighbors watching what’s going on in my yard, no homeowners association, no keeping up with the Joneses. Simple living, country living, barefoot living that’s life for me man. Sitting on the porch while Sparky plays theĀ acousticĀ guitar and day slips intoĀ evening…warm evenings, like we had last week like what will return soon. Music and peace and simplicity. I like that. Ok, my friend, gotta bounce, busy day on deck and I am starving and there’s laundry to fold and breakfast to make and art to create and life to live. Try to meet me back here tomorrow though! Much Peace Love Art šŸ˜€


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  1. Wanda says:

    Hey, that sounds like my dream home! We could be country neighbors. Miles apart, yet just down the winding country road. My house will be sitting on top of the hill, situated so I can watch the sun rise from my front porch while I drink my coffee, and set while I drink my glass of wine! Have a great day. Wanda šŸ™‚

    1. dawn says:

      Country neighbors!! I’ll drop you by a bouquet of herbs and sunflowers!! Have a great day too my friend šŸ˜€

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