Monday Morning


Wow, y’all I wish you could see my view right now. It is spectacular! So beautiful, very chilly but very beautiful. It’s just starting to get light behind the trees so there’s an orange glow peeking through that ombres into the palest of pale blues ever that rises to a robin’s egg blue. I mean wow. If I were a photographer I probably still couldn’t do it justice. There is not another artist around as talented as Mama Nature. Now the birds are just starting to sing. And I think I hear a mouse somewhere in my studio…Piper will be stalking! I once caught a mouse in a cup and took it outside across the street and let it go. It literally scampered off down the road! I wonder why there’s a mouse in my studio. I don’t have food here. I do have two cats in here almost all the time! Do you suppose he’s on some ‘I dare you to…’ thing? Do mice do that? Do you think they would dare each other to do something. I didn’t like being dared to do something but let someone tell me I can’t do something and I’m going to do my best to prove I can, in fact, do it if it is a something I really want to do that is.

Oh man, now there’s pink then orange and palest of blues and the robin’s egg blue and even more birds joining in the rising sun chorus.

I’ve already practiced yoga, a vinyasa flow, followed by a 30 minute yin. I will probably practice Ashtanga this evening since I didn’t practice it this morning. I know it’s not been two years of everyday practice just yet but I think I want to start incorporating some intermediate asanas into my practice. I wish there was a yoga practice that was part Ashtanga, part Atmananda, part vinyasa, part Anusara, and ended with Yin. That would be awesome! You would get the structure of doing the same asanas like Ashtanga with flow and power moves of Atmananda and Vinyasa and deep wonderful twisting stretches of Anusara and then the beautiful long long long stretches that get deep in the fascia that only Yin can reach. Oh  yeah, I’d do that practice…probably everyday!

Ok, my friend, coffee is calling! Meet me back here tomorrow! Have a great Monday 😀 Much Peace Love Art~DSCN3220


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