Sunday…Kitchen Revamp :D


There’s little to no use even looking at last week’s goals since all I did was work on illustrating the book (work in progress)….So, we’ll just skip that this time and since the work on the book will continue onto next week really no need to set new goals until this job is completed. And no, I don’t consider this a cop out lol.

This morning I spent revamping my kitchen. It got a deep cleaning and I love love love it! There’s more I want to do but until we redesign the pantry and switch out the deep freezers I’m on hold. We’re switching out the chest deep freeze for a stand up deep freeze that Sparky got because someone just wanted it gone after they got a new one and it works great! Right now  it’s on the back porch where the cold of winter was it’s friend but with warm weather coming on we need to get it in so we’ll sell ours and use the stand up one. I love the standing freezer…I don’t lose anything to the deep abyss!

My bread is about to come out of the oven and my coffee is empty so I’m gonna bounce! Have a beautiful evening and try to stop by again tomorrow my friend 😀 Much peace love art~DSCN3278


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