Footloose and Fancy Free…free verse hippie poetry



DSCN3250I wanna jump in

both feet

fearless and fancy free.

I wanna dance under the moonlight

with a million stars twinkling brightly in the indigo sky

letting time slip quietly by


a beautiful early morning sunrise

turning everything pink and gold

contradicting everything I’ve ever been told

proving miracles do happen everyday

in secret ways

we may not even know about for many suns and moons to come

but come they will

when we sit still

long enough for them to catch up to us

without the fuss

the stress

the mess of

everyday life the way we make it


fake it.

I Believe in the





Peace in Moonlight

Peace in Sunshine

Peace during the in between time.

The You and Me time

The time that now ends this rhyme.

There you have it straight off the top of my unbrushed hippie head written here in front of an open window with Bijou in oneDSCN3282.JPG and Piper DSCN3283.JPGin another as the birds sing and breeze stirs ever so gently. I hope you can dig it my friend. And I hope you can stop by again tomorrow! Much peace love art 😀



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