Funny Thing Happened During Breakfast This Morning…


Today…reading from before daylight to now…no that’s boring. You don’t need to hear about my chores…again! Right now is way better anyway. It’s just about time for evening yoga. I’ll practice Ashtanga this evening because I only had an hour this morning so I practiced power yoga instead of Ashtanga so, yeah, this evening will be Ashtanga. I can’t wait to see what Ashtanga is like in the evening after my muscles have already warmed up.

Funny story…this morning during breakfast it was so chilly I briefly left my food to go put on a sweater and thought it going on upside down which I thought was funny so I went to the island where Rainy was having breakfast to show her. I said…’look at me putting on my sweater’. So she did and you know what? It was on right! She thought I’d lost my mind! She was like ‘that’s really good mom, what other life skills do you have?’ We laughed until we cried…several times today over that!! I’m laughing right out loud right now about it! OMG!! Too funny

I’ve been drawing drawing drawing like crazy! Working on illustrations for a book…so so so far from my wheelhouse…a child’s book! And not one hippie in it lol bears, bears are in and fish. I hope I can do it justice! I’m trying though. I do add my hippie touches to the drawings..can’t help it…they just sneak in there!

Right now…the weather is perfect…warm, sunny, cool breeze, windows open, cats napping, Molly too, Crosby Stills Nash and Young singing and me desperately needing to paint and not draw lol.

The pool is full! But the water is so so so cold!

I made tasty bread today, bread I will have for dinner! I also made brussel sprouts. We love love love brussel sprouts! Oh my gosh, so good! I’m hungry. I need my caramel rice cake before yoga so I’m gonna bounce to the kitchen for a snack and then stretch stretch stretch!

Have a beautiful evening my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. gh0stpupp3t says:

    Dawn, I hate Brussel sprouts. I hate cabbage too. Urgh… but fresh baked bread sounds absolutely delicious!

    1. dawn says:

      I’ll eat your share and still share my bread 😀 with honey!

      1. gh0stpupp3t says:

        Mm …

  2. Wanda says:

    Please pass the brussel sprouts and bread, with butter and honey! Mmmm.

    1. dawn says:

      Oh yes! Especially honey!!! So looking forward to dinner!! And coffee and art 😀 Big hugs!

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