Stupid Time Change! Last Week In Art, This Week’s Goals & A Beautiful Country Morning


DSCN3124Jumping right in because I’m running late  because of the stupid time change!! I heard that the time change is particularly hard for Pisces people! So, I’m justified! It drives Sparky crazy how crazy I get over the stupid time change but he just doesn’t get it. Anyway…last week’s goals…. Well, I was going to write about the goals thing but I’ve got to tell you I’m just really loving this morning. It’s been super warm…way warmer than March should be unless you live somewhere tropical but this morning is so green with a pale sky,windows up, birds singing, cats chillin’ in the windows, fresh coffee, incense, yoga was great! Barefeet, yoga pants, short sleeves, braided hair. The day feels just right, in spite of the stupid time change. I just want to listen to Native American drumming and paint paint paint.

Ok back to the goals…recap here they are again….

  1. finish mixed media painting on cloth (both of them since now, I have two going)
  2. order mailing tubes
  3. fix my studio’s chi
  4. work on art stamp line
  5. draw new coloring book
  6. work on mini quilt
  7. paint, quilt and sew new hippie bag

What I actually did…

1, 3, 4, 5, and I made a patchwork paper quilt and two new paintings! So Yay!

This week’s goals are…

  1. order mailing tubes and contacts ( I know it’s not art but I need to see to make art)
  2. continue drawings for stamp line
  3. start drawings for the book I’m illustrating!!!
  4. work on new pillow! (I have a great idea)
  5. work on pet project that’s a secret for now 😀
  6. work on new coloring book

Right now my goal is to fold my laundry just now done drying and get another bowl of coffee! Have a beautiful day my friend and try to stop by again tomorrow!! Much Peace Love Art 😀


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